About Us

Sarasota Coffee Roasters

High Quality,  Single Estate Coffees

Buna Roaster is a coffee roasting company with a warm and modern coffee in the heart of Sarasota, FL. 

We source high quality single estate coffees from a number of different countries around the world in order to highlight the diversity inherent in coffee. For us, quality, freshness and your delight is number one.

Our goal is to make specialty coffee a welcoming and extraordinary experience.  

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Our Process

Each coffee is roasted to expose its unique characteristics, rather than imposing a specific roast or flavor profile. 

We roast with a philosophy we call exposure roasting. The idea is to roast the coffee seeds in small batches just long enough to highlight the characteristics that are inherently unique about them, without roasting ‘over’ those characteristics. We believe that this lighter roast allows for a better ability to distinguish — via taste — coffees with different types of processing, varieties, and regions, therefore honoring and highlighting all the hard work the producers put into making their coffee seeds delicious.