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Sarasota Coffee Roasters

About Our Founder: Blane Charlot  


We believe in simple, good and natural coffee. Coffee that’s bold, strong and dark-without being bitter.  Master roaster Blane discovered passion for Ethiopian coffee at a very young age. Born and raised in Ethiopia, she grew up watching her family performing elaborate coffee ceremonies in their home daily. The delicious aroma inspired her to dream of roasting her own coffee one day. She then began to try more coffees from different regions of the world. Soon after, she began to craft her own blends and flavor of her own coffees which lead to Buna Roaster and our own line of whole bean coffee.


We aim to empower and inspire the people we work with, from bean to cup. A percentage of our profits will be donated to the Fair Trade Farmers, HOPE OF CHILDREN and SAVE THE CHILDREN charities in Ethiopia.



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Small Roast, Huge Flavor

Roasting in small quantities gives us fine-tuned control over the exact type of roast we want to achieve. This ensures fresh-as-possible pours of taste bud-tingling brew instead of bitter-tasting coffee. Our special technique preserves and accentuates the true, bold, and mouth-filling tastes of our coffees.

To perfect our fresh taste, Buna Roaster micro roasts all beans to order.  Now you can enjoy coffee the way it’s supposed to be-small quantity, big quality.